Thomas A. Haeuser Law Office addresses the two major issues in estate planning: (1) providing for the transfer of the client’s assets in an orderly and efficient manner to the client’s desired beneficiaries and (2) reducing taxes as much as possible.

As a first step we will review the value of a client’s assets, such as real property, securities, and other investments and will assist in determining the value of those assets and how title is held.  The manner of holding property, such as in joint tenancy, in community property, in a single name or in a trust, will affect the way assets will pass upon death.  It will specifically affect who will receive the assets on death and who will pay the taxes and cost of transfer, as well as how much these costs will be. 

Although tax laws are now in transition, there will typically be tax on an estate when a person dies.  Mechanisms can be used to reduce the amount of tax liability, or in some instances, to avoid payment entirely.  Depending on the situation, administrative costs may be reduced by means of a trustee bank account, joint tenancy, a living trust and a will.

Our goal is to insure that the client’s assets are available for his or her care while alive and transferred to the named beneficiaries at death with as little expense and tax as possible.

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